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Transaction Services

Whether you are making a decision of purchase, sale or reorganization your business, preparation and planning are key to the success. We will work with your banker, broker and legal counsel and act in your best interest.

Acquisitions and Mergers

Reviewing your goals and objectives, preparing financial forecasts, advising on potential pitfalls and rewards involved in a merger, assisting with purchase negotiations, advising on financing, and assisting with preparing a business Plan. Reviewing your existing business structure and providing recommendations on how to structure your new investment in a tax-efficient manner.

Capital Expenditure Planning and Financing

Working with you to ensure that your investments in assets will not adversely affect your working cashflow and that they’re optimized for asset protection and tax planning purposes.

Structuring your business and investment assets

Structure your business and investment assets in a tax efficient way, including taking advantage of butterfly transactions and various tax benefits from small business corporations, limited partnerships, family trusts or non-CCPCs.

Estate Planning

Ensuring your outcomes can be achieved from an accounting and tax perspective, including tax purification on your business asset.

Financing and Debt Advice

Advising on funding options and negotiations with lenders, lease versus buy decisions, capital versus debt financing. Minimizing your tax risks, including risks associated with preferred shares financing under Part VI.1 of the Income Tax Act.